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Guangdong star art adornment Liuzhou branch

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Astral art is decorated

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Company brief introduction:
Astral art decorates branch of limited company Guangxi to held water on May 1, 2002, it is Guangdong the company of wholy-owned directly under of limited company of astral art adornment, existing employee 400 more than person, among them stylist 60 more than person, project manager 80 more than person, professional skilled worker 230 more than person. Mixed in April 2003 opened subsidiary in Liuzhou, Guilin respectively in September.
Branch of Guangxi of limited company of astral art adornment is held to " do decorate be equal to become a friend " concept, will method of the craft of concept of the management thought with astral art consistent adornment, design, construction, standard that use material, management, service is affirmatory, the service has deep love for the life at 8 laurel, have deep love for the artistic, broad citizen that pays attention to living grade. Through a year of much effort, astral art adornment is established in 8 laurel earth case " sincere letter is decorated " banner, win broad citizen approbate and speak favorably of. Was judged to be     by association of Guangxi building adornment 2002 " quality serves sincere letter industry " , was awarded by society of Nanning city consumer 2003 " consumer letter has gotten an unit " honorary title, make Guangxi consumer society " Guangxi sincere letter decorates first acceptance enterprise " .
The service is everlasting, pursuit does not have the limit, aspire of branch of Guangxi of limited company of astral art adornment mixes household culture of China astral art culture spreads everywhere to 8 laurel earth, do person of 8 laurel high grade to reside the guide of dimensional culture!

Address: District of city of Liuzhou city dragon large building of 25 dragon town 305 #
Business department phone: 0772, 2854918
Mobile phone: 13397728700
Fax: 2852195
Engineering department phone: 0772, 3215908

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