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Space of Guilin new continuous heavy rain is decorated

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Xin Lin is decorated

Company brief introduction

Limited company of design of adornment of space of new continuous heavy rain is major pursues interior design, decorate, the joint stock company of construction. Quality of our company believe in and service are the live path of the enterprise, hold to " seek benefit in order to manage, seek progress in order to innovate " business purpose, pursuit outstanding character and creation happiness life are oneself, already enjoyed in Guilin adornment industry very tall famous degree, built the good reputation of win universal praise. Since our company held water 1998 oneself, the course is old do poineering work difficultly, the dimensions of the company and actual strength got comparativing to rise greatly, nowadays already developed become collect to decorate, material of production of design of design, all of construction, home, adornment and household are acted the role of taste a sale the renown star at an organic whole decorates an enterprise, accumulated solid resource dominant position and administrative experience, already guided Guilin " fashionable household and environmental protection are decorated " consumptive trend made positive contribution.
"Space of new continuous heavy rain " the person is ceaseless enterprising, the spirit that is brave in to develop makes the company was full of hearten making a person civilian extend latent capacity. We believe only. . .

Design central telephone call: 2810665     2810515
Address: Liuzhou city liberates edifice of 97 overseas Chinese 1111 rooms.

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