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Hui Jia believes a building to decorate limited company

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Hui Jia is believed


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Company brief introduction


Limited company of engineering of adornment of building of letter of Beijing benefit beautiful is to be engaged in building company of design of project adornment and residential illuminative major, construction, year integrated production value is close 100 million yuan. The company sets headquarters, set much home branch in Beijing and other cities. The company is changed with enterprise dimensions, classification of administrative standardization, design is changed, construction brand is changed, the situation that serves diversity serves for the society.
Hui Jia believes the residence of the company to decorate management concept is: Sincere letter is competition ability. Since the company holds water oneself, those who take the lead in rolling out graph Wen Bingmao " Hui Jia believes the home to install standardization to serve decathlon acceptance " . The company comes to send the service, except the household that is in Beijing the market is built plan outdoor, still set design branch in mechanism school, army, village. Doing medicinal powder door decorate while return and clothbound of estate business collaboration builds room project. The company continues from 1998 an outfit project up to now, year amount of domestic outfit project is counting 10 thousand yuan of thousand above, and in Beijing adornment association home acts pass the time in a leisurely way of committee, city assist all do not have with company location market complain a record, make a magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune actually customer satisfaction unit.
The work that Hui Jia believes a company to have 18 years is built decorate experience, the part that completed building of honoured guest of well of Beijing king government office early or late is advanced inside outfit and transform a project; Dining-room of Chinese dress edifice designs construction project; People bank counts a project of business room construction; Natant area of Great Wall restaurant devises plan; The office that the United States considers companies of group of all of computer science department and company of clothing of Hong Kong resurgence, show design plan; The Rong Hua chicken that Shanghai offers in Beijing interlinks inn to decorate a project; Rou Ting interlinks the CI of inn to design; Of spaceflight ministry and atomic institute rebuild; Beijing Beijing believes an edifice east match building and service building to rebuild; Of office building of development of technology of Beijing Yi Zhuang economy advanced decorate; Beijing always decides door sea to start big public house (SamSung class Taiwan is joint-stock) advanced decorate; China the partial extend project of Beijing University hotel; New building of bureau of central nation interpreter is decorated, deserve to act the role of a project; The project such as various dining-room in all more than 100; A lot of project, no matter design program and construction quality were won,Party A is mixed of concerned branch approbate and recognition.
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