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3 standing grain of Guangzhou decorate Liuzhou to design a center

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3 standing grain are decorated

Company brief introduction

3 standing grain of Guangzhou decorate limited company, register at saving bureau of industrial and commercial administration to register via Guangdong 1990 establish and become, the nationality that already obtained Guangdong province to issue now " building adornment decorates engineering construction 2 stage business " intelligence letter, was built to decorate association approval to be member unit by China 2002, famous adornment of flourish house Guangdong designed a company 2003, held in TV station of Guangdong public-address system 2001 " savour adornment to be exhibited greatly sow " have the honor to win second-class award. The adornment design that our company major pursues shop of office building, business, hotel, guesthouse, villatic, household and construction one continuous line serve.
Head office has a branch to interlink inn 26, center of 4 8 atelier, designs, the company sets 5 one room, namely department of manpower resource ministry, project government department, financial department, culture transmission ministry, design professional work and office, entire company has more than 360 professional stylist now, inspect of more than 800 professional project manages, nearly 3000 skilled worker.
Since the company holds water oneself, the large tool project that already undertook design and construction has: UniCom of wine shop of Guangzhou big Xi Hao, China square is new building of office of Tianjin of Shi Weiya pharmaceutical factory, Beijing removes spatio-temporal concept building, France person postal service hall of road of bay of telegraphic Li of Lin Xi dining-room, China, Huang Bu Nuojiya.
Our company are unit of academician of design of the adornment inside IFDA international, chinese interior decoration designs academician unit, guangzhou town home installs association director.

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