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At present our company began a hotel to book a project, with alliance of each big public house, liuzhou restaurant, Yan'an is for instance big hotel,

South hotel of oasis of wineshop of day hotel, Oriental big public house, river bank, gold, Na Jiangbin is house, medium reach public house of guesthouse, lustre abundant

, beautiful brilliant guesthouse, Liuzhou guesthouse. Post of gauze of feast of connection of free side new personality, marriage, happy event, photograph picture. . . . . . A series of, service

Considerate, privilege is great

Company brief introduction:

Oriental number movie and TV held water on October 1, 2001, my company is major offers wedding to photograph resemble, bridal festooned vehicle, marriage gauze is rental, individual electron album, MTV produce a film of individuation, special subject piece banquet of produce a film, birthday, conference, celebration, baby grows of the process photograph like the service, introduce advanced camera, choose advanced cameraman, make through accurate later period, leave the best time in the life for you. Welcome broad friend connection, beautiful good person of eternity of caky and wonderful instant gives birth to our company tenet.
The blame of movie and TV that has major is made up (3D MAX PREMIERE PRO, AFFER EFECT) system.

Movie and TV films equipment has: The pine leaves the GS400 3 stage of 3CCD, MD9000 2 stage, beautiful can machine of the MD10000 3CCD below pine of 330E HC15E of XL1S Suo Ni

Have the cameraman that has major and editor division

Hope our group can use our professional service and the smile that will exchange you sincerely.

Specific content welcomes to our company have a detailed discussion.

Particular value is discussed with the face to allow.

We will offer best quality kimono Wu to you with best price.

Contact means: 13737275987 (Mr Sun) 3617106

QQ: 373560813

Address: Hill of Liuzhou city goose 4 areas (agricultural bank 2 buildings)

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