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Privately owned house of beautiful leg of winter female star is economic way

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Rong Zuer

Metropolis of very much JMS has a misunderstanding, the ability when thinking to want to wear short skirt, hot pants, sandal in phlogistic summer only has need to undertake leg ministry nurse, and in fact however rather, leg ministry of Qiu Dong nurses be worth to take seriously more actually. In cold winter, although the exposure of leg ministry skin time is less, but because Qiu Dong weather is dry, plus filar socks, prevent winter clothing thing grind of generation electrostatic exciting to cutaneous, the ministry skin of ability to walk entered drought period, serious person can appear more snakeskin foot.
  of small S holds to foot of the bubble after the bath everyday, bubble foot water is tepid can, exorbitant meeting brings about temperature the skin is weather-shack, the quantity of water crosses instep with complete dip to ankle, bubble foot not only the corneous layer that conduces to software sole, can promote haemal circulation more, resist cold. Bubble foot at the same time clean, what a week comes twice is special grind arenaceous cream, what basically be aimed at the dead skin of calcaneal and sole is crustaceous. After be being washed, wipe instantly, meet even toe cannot oversight.
Crural ministry and leg ministry give sex of Tu Shangzi embellish immediately after   of Li Jiaxin has been washed protect skin to taste, neuter skin can use department of body latex, appropriative leg moist frost, drying skin is about to choose oil of the olive oil with moist stronger result, baby.
Once   of Cai Yilin discovers leg ministry has Gan Wen or snakeskin state, be about to make a leg film in time to leg ministry, tu Shanghou is thick moist breast is oily, with last velar package is nice, cover next on the stocking that reach knee, after sleeping on on one evening or apply a few hours, you can have astonishing discovery, you can discover your leg ministry skin becomes soft and smooth.
Of pair of leg ministry skin such as the filar socks pants with natural and comfortable quality of a material of choice of   of of Song Hui tall, render pants maintaining also is quite important, the material such as pure cotton, cloth with soft nap is qualitative best, chemical fibber quality of a material had better be worn less as far as possible. Leg ministry nurses must hold to all the year round, must not be equal to summer to come to just remember should nurse bicrural word is already regretful. See these beautiful legs star people keep nurturance fruit!
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