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Effect of black rice of Qiu Dong season reducing weight is best

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Effect of black rice of Qiu Dong season reducing weight is best

Fan Zhigong of associate professor of college of food of Chinese agriculture college: Alleged black rice law reducing weight, whats do not take the provision that makes besides black rice namely, requirement of law of apple of no less than reducing weight can take an apple only every day same, belong to drab food law reducing weight. Raise congee of sweet-scented osmanthus of black rice of Yan Tian congee

The advantage that black rice regards only reducing weight as food is apparent. Taste is good after it boils congee, acceptability is good, add silk of a few pickles, taste resemble normal feed with respect to the feeling. Because the 90% above in congee are moisture, energy is very low, drink two bowls of impossible also overeat. In the meantime, black rice belongs to unpolished rice, its fiber is taller, full abdomen feels stronger, after eating black rice congee, relatively the white rice that takes similar measure feels not easily hungry.

In nutriment respect, black rice also has not little advantage. It contains enough carbohydrate, protein amount slightly low, but quality is betterer than other commissariat, adipose very low, but contain in rice embryo a few indispensible fatty acid and vitamin E, the B besides B12 a group of things with common features vitamin content is rich, still have the microelement such as Potassium of quite a few, magnesian, iron a lot of richer than rice also.

In addition, weight of black rice law reducing weight drops rate is not as rapid as protein law reducing weight, but stabler, and rebound not easily

. Security is higher also, two unwell reaction won't be brought inside week.

But, no matter be which kind of food, if eat every day, eat suddenly suddenly, also hard to avoid is met appetite drops increasingly, a kind of any natural food do not have a law to provide all nourishment that human body place needs. Black rice does not contain vitamin C and vitamin B12, also do not have vitamin AD, calcic content is insufficient very. So, if eat black rice congee to reduce weight, the proposal is compensatory a variety of vegetable, especially greenery vegetable and orange yellow vegetable, do outdoors activity more. Want to put oil less only when vegetable cook or cold and dressed with sause of make it balm can, what can not add put on weight is dangerous.

In addition, best can compensatory calcium tablet and other and compound nutriment bolus. If exceed half month to use this kind of method, still need to increase the protein provision of low fat.

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