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The beautiful white folk prescription of 10 DIY

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1, milk beauty is white

Prepare one cannikin delicacy to suckle, (summer when, also can go to bright grandma put in freezer, on apply cool cool, meeting better off) . With steam evaporate face, will make up cotton sucks full bright breasts, apply is controlled in on the face 15 minutes, get off, the milk that gets on the face with clear water is abluent. Hold to for a long time, can make color of skin fair and clear and even.

2, aloe beauty is white

Prepare 3 finger beam Xie Qu thorn washs the 2 aloe that show long range takes spot clean, it is Qing Dynasty of egg of a 3 centimeters long cucumber, 1/4 next, 2, 3 grams pearl powder, right amount flour (with make shift rare stiff) .

Small bowl is entered after putting Lu Hui, cucumber juicer to extract juice, put egg white, pearl powder, right amount flour to be moved into paste next, it is with dripping toward indelicacy accurate.

Wash the face clean, wipe the paste of mix up go up in the face, after working abluent, take soft skin water, protect skin to taste can, every week 1, 2.

3, tomato honey beauty is white

This beautiful white recipe can make face and hand ministry beauty at the same time white. Especially dark sore skin, can go effectively fat, prevent to affect, make skin Bai Xi meticulous.

Recipe: Tomato half, honey is right amount.

Usage: Agitate of right amount honey can be joined to come after the tomato agitate becomes tomato juice mushy. Face of even Tu Yu or hand ministry, wait for about 15 minutes of scour off. The proposal does 1 every weeks - 2

4, vegetable beauty is white

Qin of green pepper, will big cucumber, 1/4 balsam pear, West, green apple hit into hairdressing vegetable juice will drink, such vegetable juice within has enough vitaminic C, white to the United States very effective.

5, beauty of acetic egg fluid is white

Take new egg, abluent wipe dry, join 500 milliliter a month immerses in high grade vinegar. Dissolve when chorion in acetic fluid later, take mix into of solution of one small spoon to enter a cup of boiled water, agitate hind is taken, everyday a cup. Take acetic egg fluid for a long time, can make the skin smooth and exquisite, broom is facial and all shading.

6. Honey albumen film

New egg, honey one small spoon, will both blend even, face soft brush is used clean before sleeping this film besmear is brushed in facial, meantime can undertake massage, stimulate skin cell, stimulative blood circulates. After waiting for airing of period of time, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, every week two advisable. Film of this kind of face still can use the wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water after water Shi Xi, winter can prevent and cure chap.

7, beauty of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is white

Material: Divide into equal parts of pink of the root of Dahurian angelica, licorice, nucleolus, angelica, gram, the pride of China grinds end.
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