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The most beautiful bride makeup camouflage recipe

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Even if sometimes the day fails place wishs, but wedding made the most beautiful bride wish that day intense. If skin condition is not very good, regular meeting sells at a discount greatly. Nevertheless, fortunately we have best camouflage little secret, no matter,let you how glorious takes a person.

Pretend the first action: Blush cheek

Primary edition: Heat up towel apply face. This conduces to the haemal circulation that increases facial ministry, the blush that makes two buccal coruscate natural.

Upgrade edition: Right amount motion. A before wedding small warm-up, crouch quickly for instance, can rise to accelerate the effect that blood circulates as much.

Advanced edition: Cheek is red. This is arduous least of all method. Accurate brides had better choose farinaceous cheek red, because was papered not easily by sweat spray.

Top class edition: If these insufficient canals use above, manage to find time on wedding go closet, be twisted smally with handle gently or flap a few times cheek, can achieve natural blush result likewise.

Pretend the 2nd action: Bright eye be apt to looks at

Primary edition: Overcome stay up late the bunny eye of generation. Wash an eye with cool and refreshing chrysanthemum scented tea, again the eyedrop that bright eye prevents red blood silk on drop, smoke time to shut eye accomplishment as far as possible.

Upgrade edition: Look line. This is to promote what the eye spends brightly to reduce a weapon surely. What bridal makeup look had better use is the look line of ability in swimming, black is advocate make scene, color is deep, clingy eyelash root ministry is painted, the effect is not exaggerative but absolutely and top-ranking. Still can be in when necessary line of look of eye end lengthen, make the raise on canthus appreciably, smooth add charm.

Advanced edition: Eyelash creams. This is the most magical beautiful eye weapon. What bridal makeup look suits is waterproof and shock model eyelash creams. Going up neat eyelash is combed first before eyelash creams, the move that eyelash places also is necessary, can relapse daub a few.

Top class edition: False eyelash. If itself eyelash is insufficient shock, might as well try false eyelash. Need not whole eye is used, optional choose is scattered model, stick in eye rear, spin eye end.


Shadow of 4 kinds of eyes combines 1 Lancôme COLOR FOCUS (uncertain value)

2 Clinique Happy To Be edition of set limit to of shadow of 4 kinds of eyes (uncertain value)

Eyelash of heavy full figure of colour of E Lauder twinkling of 3 Est é creams (280 yuan)

4 Guerlain sheds gold shadow of 4 kinds of eyes (500 yuan)

Pretend the 3rd action: How to pretend little face belle

Primary edition: The cover of hairstyle. Discuss to suit a face most with hairstyle division model outside hairstyle, the cover that writes natural result is made send silk in two buccal positions, appear optional romantic, still can be opposite dispersedly from the vision the attention of facial ministry. >> > bridal beauty begins from the beginning (3)
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