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Skin is perfect renascence, copy the 8 big move protecting skin before sleeping

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Perfect if the skin of jade is not simple besmear daub,the frost that wipe day or late frost can obtain easily, such job is moist only exterior skin, want to nurse deep skin, the job protecting skin of night appears more important. Because night just is to maintain cutaneous is optimal time, nightly exercise has done ability to make skin gets comprehensive and alimentary and rest adequately. Nightly what to protect skin after all to need to be done to work? We learn study together.

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Face before sleeping 8 protect skin greatly action


1. "Oily " embellish whole body: Want slow muscle pressure, can besmear massage oil or the infantile oil that contain moist part go up in the body, till its are absorbed by the skin,massage slowly. To prevent massage oil dirty night clothes, had better change old clothes to sleep again.

2. is cervical massage: Cervical microgroove can betray your age. Might as well the latex that uses moist sex or lacteal frostlike powder are massaged cervical, besmear want to be massaged gently when the latex, make cervical skin absorb nutrient.

3. is white tender lip: Want the dead skin of purify lip ministry, make double lip delicate, light graze of usable white sugar is on the lip and massage, or use department of lip of tooth brush graze incidentally when brush one's teeth, dead skin of can effective purify, lipstick of final Tu Shangrun, can be at ease sleep!

4. Moist both hands: Often just do not besmear in winter only certainly the frost that protect a hand is moist both hands, hand ministry is done to nurse before sleeping the effect will be better, because skin,can get one all night moist.

5. tea includes apply key point: two has used tea Bao Fang enters the cold storage inside freezer, the apply after be being taken out is on eyelid, shut eye to rest several minutes, can make double eye skins be able to slow.

6. Compensatory moisture: Face before sleeping, if feel the skin is dry, can go up in the face and the water of oil of field mint essence is contained on cervical gush, it has moist effect; If the skin is very dry, can relapse gush a few. Face the water that excessive does not drink before sleeping nevertheless, can double eye is bloated after getting up otherwise! If fruit is very thirsty really, need one cannikin boiled water only can, if drank too much water,do not go to bed immediately as far as possible.

7. Slow double foot: Stand too for a long time to be able to cause double foot ache by day. So, the latex on the besmear before should be after bath or sleeping is moist sufficient ministry, or with slow the sufficient ministry sparge of pressure is double foot recover from fatigue.

8. Extend body: Do not think the body is premature the word of become rigid is about from young when begin campaign, sleep extension forward one stretch one's legs but slow pressure, stimulative blood circulates, can quicken metabolism more.
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