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Jin Xishan teachs you to make up naked lubricious princess

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Jin Xishan teachs you to make up naked lubricious princess (graph)

Jin Xishan is perfect on romantic wedding figure of bride of deductive instinctive quality is to be worth to draw lessons from most. Bai Xi if like bone porcelain skin texture, the soft hint given with the eyes that natural look fastens, add tress of delicate type restoring ancient ways and classicism to get the set off that act the role of, will classic natural princess style bride is deduced incisively and vividly.

By transparent pearl lubricious pink

With appropriate weak makeup foil the individual character that gives bridal nature, the makeup range that adopts transparent nature reflects red-blooded temperament. Especially natural energy, feel with bright era to the person. Bottom of the pink when making up should use the color that is close to him color of skin, it is beautiful with latex pink bottom, after daub is even, produce kosher and transparent feeling.

Burnish builds eye of existence feeling eye

Indoor and bridal field most light is very not bright, because want with weak makeup outstanding, need to rely on burnish to build an existence to feel more. Dot of eye ministry unit weight should be put on chroma of lightness and rather than, shadow of light eye of skin gold yellow can show pure sense, can make double look bright plus look line have a mind.

TIPS: Operate measure

L is brushed in eye socket on aureate or skin is shallow golden color is brown eye shadow, carry bright eyes equably.

L draws black look line in eyelash root ministry next. Palpebral and mid draw is gotten on a few thicker, next eyelid use cotton autograph to adorn look line slightly.

L is finally on eye socket center aureate shadow of bead light eye, in order to highlight ablaze simple sense.

Brown rouge makes tangerine stereo small buccal

Jin Xishan teachs you to make up naked lubricious princess (graph) (2)

Give the delicate nobility like the princess fully to allow makeup facial expression, do not break kind nature again it is very important that stereo feeling cheek is made redly. Choice belt slants tangerine is brown cheek is red, with cheek red brush touch take right amount do it from side side apogee, the key depends on decorating side face, part to divide Duan Dafan to surround daub to position of cheek of canthus, side from the side ear next, nature of face letting a circle is shown small. The so on a few most adscript that two side also should brush forehead more than pink, cong Meifeng by inside outside, brush by border of next upgrade in the future, conduce to let whole cheek become delicate and cabinet.

Slightly thick natural and linear eyebrow
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