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Protect skin: 3 big secret are enrolled, OL changes princess of body white snow

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Have the snow-white skin like dream, be a lot of OL is collective and yearning. However, it is inherent beautiful qualitative Baixue beauty, can not think wait for need not worry about blackening problem in air conditioning room, want to change personally " Bai Xue's princess " , you cannot ignore a few little detail, want to hold all OK and whiten time at any time!


Change body secret enrols the Bai Xue OL in one job

The job held major by day time, the OL of different job status needs different beauty to prevent in vain bask in:

The OL that computer photograph accompanies

If be in the office, must accompany 56 hours above with computer photograph, although did not go out, blowing air conditioning indoors, but you can discover, all round the eye or fleck appeared near nose, and the skin is drier and drier. Because indoor wall, glass also can reflex ultraviolet ray,this is, the fluorescent lamp that indoor place uses also contains ultraviolet ray, the skin of facial ministry bears for a long time a large number of ray radiation, collagen albumen is destroyed, the skin loses flexibility, quicken ageing, cutaneous resistance is reduced; In the meantime, the electrostatic meeting that computer produces get on harmful material adsorption at the face, start the active of melanin cell easily, cause the place that does not have spot so to produce pigment to precipitate.

So to office OL, had done really prevent all sorts of radiate to be harmed to cutaneous, also be very important. Choose those who have beautiful white effect to protect skin to maintain article, damage to cutaneous with repair radiate, after the foundation maintains, use segregation frost or the powdery base that have segregation effect, let the skin produce covering layer, achieve precautionary overweight cure, beautiful Bai Gongfu is OK get twice the result with half the effort!

Rush about the OL of work hard

The OL that pursues business property or job of work done outside the office people, the sunshine harm that gets is the most immediate, although be in,the while with the strongest ultraviolet ray also cannot rest. Ultraviolet ray hurts publicity to cutaneous, however, to work to avoid hard, bring about the skin easily to quicken ageing, produce furrow and pigment precipitation, attentive strengthening conserve is urgent affairs absolutely.

Long-term and outdoors job, still want to become the Bai Xue OL of a beautiful beauty, prevent basking in is the most important segment undoubtedly, it is to prevent the skin to suntan not only, more important is to prevent the skin to be basked in. Must choose prevent bask in an index to be prevented high bask in breast, and in the 15-30 before going out minute good with respect to daub, two hours recoat wipes every other to prevent later bask in breast. If the circumstance allows, in the home is being returned after insolation, use the skin of clean of the serum that wash a face with soft texture immediately, outside dividing calm skin, all sorts of pollution that return can cleared sweat, dirt, dirty air to be brought to the skin. And more important is, maintain in vain besides the United States in the evening everyday outside tasting, still must face film does Chang Fu to be repaired deep-seatedly protect.
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