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Home Ji Yi acts the role of gift shop

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Home Ji Yi is acted the role of

Company brief introduction

House of Home Ji Yi is acted the role of article, from China classic lasting appeal reachs a place folk-custom amorous feelings, from distinctive grace lasting appeal arrives contemporary and fashionable style, sex of adornment of be in harmony, practical, view and admire a gender at an organic whole, comprehensive deck hall of your sitting room, bedchamber, study, inn, office, the household that is you added distinctive artistic color and grace to savour, build extraordinary household culture atmosphere.
Home Ji Yi acts the role of what what reveal " Pi Diao is drawn " series, " culture is horological " series, " adornment hanging " series, unique delicate and beautiful, let a person come to here, shine at the moment, the adornment that if you think the home that allows your puts on,sees very hard somewhere else or it is to think the birthday that is a friend prepares the surprise of a different common, come here you should not regret, if you like make public individual character, refined taste, home Ji Yi acts the role of you to should be not missed absolutely.
Leather carve mural is a kind of distinctive and decorous adornment in contemporary family, it uses high grade leather and excellent pure manual skill, through old exploration and hammer practice, a kind of distinctive elegant adornment in already making contemporary living is artistic, its design bright, colour is rich, stereo feeling strong, line is downy and beautiful, have soft anaglyph say, its novel artistic originality and distinctive glamour, showed modern life breath and lead adequately aesthetic tide, its come out to get namely of everybody love and favor.

Address: Harbor of traffic of Liuzhou city new era 2 on the west date of one area E225
Phone: 13737266252

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