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The impression that follow a heart piles up atelier

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The impression that follow a heart piles up atelier

Color print design: Chromatic calling card, conduct propaganda is odd, book, honoured guest gets stuck, figure gets stuck, surround the planar design such as case case; 3D effect graph is designed; CAD design.
Imprint along with the heart individual character gift makes: Make the individual character gift such as wood of crystal, cloth art, glass, pottery and porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, bamboo.
Crystal hand footmark, crystal polychrome: Press dimension of hands or feet: The scale of 1 seals up for keeping to go in crystalline lens, gift of polychrome of make it individual character, do not be afraid that soda acid is not afraid of blow a flower!
Lasting souvenir!
Picture processing, VCD makes:
Old photograph is added color, abysmal a face-lifting, nap! Electronic album is made, DV turns output of VCD enharmonic video is made.

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