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Home Fu Anna acts the role of things limited company

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Home Fu Anna acts the role of things limited company

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Company brief introduction:

Shenzhen town Home Fu Anna acts the role of things limited company to found in September 1994, the manufacturing base that is the center of design of research and development with an advanced collect, modernization, sound sale service system and efficient content flow deserve to send a system the has powerful comprehensive strength famous home at an organic whole spin a business.
Fu Anna company with " create good Morpheus to live, make brand of hundred years household " to manage a concept, have high, elegance, romance " Fu Anna " , delicate, sweet, fashionable " strong and pervasive fragrance and happy " reach exalted, costly Italy top class brand " VERSAI " -- " Wei Sha " . In recent years, fu Anna is in high speed to grow all the time in, year average increase rate is achieved 50% .
Fu Anna is course of study inside guide the earliest the enterprise of concessionary management mode, inside each are big in city and area of HongKong and Macow and United States own brand shop (ark) many 800. The company is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha big in the city built 20 many agency to undertake spade husbandry to the market.
Fu Anna has team of home's most powerful research and development, get international of top class stylist coach wholeheartedly, the pattern that accumulative total develops already amounted to thousands of kinds, the new fund pattern that carries promotion every end of the year has 100 a variety of, have the exterior to design patent 26, copyright registers 217, it is home the company with own most intellectual property is had in course of study of person of the same trade.
August 2004, the product of series of artistic plain net that Fu Anna rolled out the top level that representing industry of domestic bed moral ceremoniously. The whole world is at present only Fu Anna and the scale that an abroad enterprise implemented plain net product turn production.
In recent years, frequency of news of victory passes Fu Anna, obtained early or late " Chinese famous brand " , " the country avoids check product " , " Chinese growing enterprise 100 strong " , "Shenzhen city 50 strong civilian battalion enterprise " , " the Shenzhen that has force most is famous brand " , " Guangdong saves famous label " , " first Shenzhen most get respectable business " wait for honorary title.
2004, fu Anna was started in the round " long triangle strategy " , the other people of large-scale modern production that covers an area of 150 thousand square metre in build of city of Jiangsu province Changshu sheds a center. Of the same age in July, first phase project -- the factory that covers an area of 20 thousand square metre builds and official investment is used. Current, the company prepares to establish in Shenzhen Long Hua the garden of garden type industry that covers an area of nearly 100 thousand square metre, be an enterprise fly again lay solid foundation. Fu Anna transforms executive share-holding system and appear on the market as soon as possible, walk along collectivize to develop way. Did not come 5 years, the company sells dimensions to will achieve many yuan of 30 RMB, grow to spin a business for world-class home.
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