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Fond dream is thought of

Company brief introduction:


Since the company is founded oneself, devote oneself to to promote the life of people character and brand-new life concept.

Fond dream thinks of pursuit nobility, elegance, romantic, sweet atmosphere, what it delivers is brand-new life concept.

Fond dream thinks of effort to promote the life of people character, culture and connotation, the life that lets you is full of vogue, savour and individual character.

Fond dream is thought of have cover an area of the more than 200000 modern factory building of smooth rice, having advanced manufacturing management pattern and firm tone to run a system, a batch of outstanding professional development design staff, the sale team that having high quality and perfect after service system, own advanced computer network, many client natural resources, have brand-new sale concept and sale to groom, it is the earliest found software furniture is concessionary one of brand companies of management mode, it is industry of domestic software furniture in famous one of degree of highest brands.

As life qualitative simple rise and improve, people is higher and higher also to Morpheus project requirement, to bedding savour, the requirement of material also promotes ceaselessly, fond dream considers the company need according to the market, to guide consumption, through long market survey and research and plan, ground of stand high and see far rolls out fond dream to consider series product. Satisfied the requirement of the consumer of disparate arrangement of ideas. Fond dream thinks of series product to get used to modern life, have downy, bright beautiful colour, with realistic to design a foundation, extract creation material from inside nature, in the life that product of do one's best can blend in contemporary urbanite sensibility gentle and faultlessly, completely, play gives the charm of rich individual character.

Play gives the charm of rich individual character.. Comfortable to go up, it is with the person this "It is the quintessential place that fond dream considers a design to make.

The company holds to the design idea of overtime generation to achieve the aim of family property of international famous brand, always devote oneself to the mining of product culture details and artwork flavour and promotion, culture of household of Chinese and Western of be in harmony is pithy at an organic whole, development goes generation the new product that another generation leads Chinese Morpheus culture to move toward, with its distinctive originality, gift the enjoyment with conspicuous owner, cast brilliant outstanding achievement for industry of Chinese family property.

21 centuries are the mankind the life quality of ceaseless progress, people and zoology environment more suffer those who take seriously is brand-new times. Trend world, will go after with centuple enthusiasm infinite, transcend self, give birth to vivid space to create human happiness and indefatigable struggle.
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