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Mercurial home is spun

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Mercurial home spins company brief introduction:

1.Product function: Decorate sex of gender, practical, health care. Outspread to 10 old series, the range of products that the purpose is will same style is changed, make consumer can choose to be changed to the style in mercurial brand shop, the series product with personalized outstanding function.

2.Product advantage: Form a complete set is reasonable, class is all ready, quality assures.

3.Concept of research and development: Creation intimacy suffers, promotion life is savoured, lead fashionable tide.

4.Note reelect to expect: Choose high-grade fabrics (if the floss interweaves, color knits jacquard weave, big jacquard weave) reach entrance fabrics; Choose actor to pick natural material (like abb, eider down, silk, natural cotton) reach high-tech to synthesize material (three-dimensional helix is curly fiber) .

Hold now " member of honoured guest of company of photography of gauze of contemporary and classical marriage gets stuck " here the consumption inside inn can be enjoyed8FoldMember privilege. (except of sales promotion commodity)

Address: Harbor of traffic of Liuzhou city new era 3 buildings (be restricted only this inn is used)

Market of long building of road of Liuzhou city flying goose 8 (be restricted only this inn is used)

Phone: 13607821869

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