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Marry register, need what data

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" marriage law of People's Republic of China " " marriage of People's Republic of China registers regulation "

Marry register

One, conduction condition and object

1, the party of application marriage, both sides must have one person registered permanent residence to be in this area.

2, the party of application marriage must completely freewill, deal with the formalities that register to the spot personally, must not other is replaced.

3, the men and women that application marriage registers is bilateral, must reach legal age (male: 22 one full year of life, female: 20 one full year of life) , must abide by what government office of local civil administration makes to concern family planning policy at the same time.

4, healthy, do not suffer from legal provision to prohibit marry and deferring to marry disease.

2, declare a data

1, bilateral effective dweller Id and booklet of registered residence. Collective registered permanent residence is in unit or police station to issue a proof by registered permanent residence;

2, seat of party individual archives or community house appoint meeting (village appoint meeting) issued marital status proof, (full name, birth date must be mixed Id, booklet of registered residence is consistent) ;

3, marriage check reports (appoint hospital of city women and children) ;

4, had divorced, still must carry divorce certificate (original) ;

5, of bereft of one's spouse, open bereft of one's spouse to prove to dead police station by another (must mention expressly full name, male or female death date and affix one's seal) .

Notice of certificate of conduction spouse concern

Both sides of husband and wife registers mechanism to deal with to the area together, submit following data:

1, ever dealt with marriage to register mechanism to check archives to issue a proof:

2, both sides losing " marriage certificate " the certify to of the reason, confirm affix one's seal by the unit:

3, effective identity document:

4, group photo of 2 inches of two-men L of 2 Zhang Huo's single person inch illuminate each 2 pieces.

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