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Without card marriage, do not get legal protection

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The other day, some county the Women's Federation was received appeal for help together case, after thinking, the decision is announced at numerous, with caution later generations.
■ case:
Zhang Mou, female, music in relief county some village person, was born 1984.
Wang Mou, male, county of travel the Tang Dynasty some village person, was born 1984.
2004, via person introduction, 2 people are acquainted and decide hundred years become reconciled, zhang Mou is mixed at that time Wang Mou all 20 one full year of life, wang Mou marries not quite the age, do not get a marriage certificate, in parents managed below 2 people to hold spousal, biennial leaves one son, the 2 people after marriage produce contradiction ceaselessly, conflict is clamorous, 2007, national Day eve, contradictory become acute, din is more than roughhouse, zhang Mou ran back to a married woman's parents' home under stretch. Recently, when Zhang Mou will to the Women's Federation appeal for help, hear Wang Mou wants with its her woman gets married. Zhang Mou misses his son very, and want go back and Wang Mou become reconciled, but be rejected by Wang Mou.
■ lawyer:
Consulted a lawyer with respect to the legal problem of this matter. The lawyer says, say from morality and justice, wang Mou marries with her person again the merit condemnation to social public opinion, but from jural say not to form a bigamy. The lawyer points out, the formation of the bigamy must be premise with regular marriage concerns. Although Wang Mou held wedding with Zhang Mou, but did not do marry register, and 2 people have 20 years old only at that time, did not amount to legal marriageable age, reason is nonexistent regular marriage. Accordingly, wang Mou and although another woman marries to also do not form a bigamy.
Remind broad youth woman: Want to be made from me, respect oneself, esteem law, the society protects him with law.

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