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Branch of Tianjin civil administration realizes net of real time couplet, bigami

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Mouse a bit bigamist nowhere escape form (graph)


Nowadays, to marriage in the citizen the branch that register is dealt with marry register, want to conceal marriage history to had become impossible. Learn from civil administration branch yesterday, this city the branch of marriage of each area county that register came true to register management to manage computer with marriage of citizen political situation entirely real time is online couplet net, no matter the citizen is in the which marriage branch that register is registered, want to had had marriage history only, will be shown to come immediately. Current, the data that whole town types a system has come 2003, that is to say, if be in what deal with after 2003 to register,marry only, everybody cannot get chance, bigamous phenomenon from go up to be put an end to at all.

Be clear at a glance inquires on marriage condition net

In registry office of peaceful area marriage, song Ting (alias) will do with fiance marry register, press a program, two people filled in first a declaration, making clear his is " maiden " , after can inputting the full name of 2 people marriage to register information management system when the staff member, show on monitor: "The woman: Find marry record: 2005- × - number of × of × of × of × of × of × of × of × of word of × ferry red tie does a form " , this makes clear the woman to marry at been deal with in red bridge area 2005 register. The staff member expresses, if Song Ting cannot show divorce evidence, do not get affirmation new marriage certificate.

Marriage registers a few minutes achievable

After entry marriage registers homepage of information management system, the reporter sees, the system installed marriage to register, analysis of information management, statistic all sorts of board piece. Register in marriage board piece in, include to marry, divorce, reissue marriage certificate, reissue the 10 stature module such as divorce card, archives management, integrated inquiry, carry simple operation, can finish real time online register, statistic of the data that register. And click " the date that register chooses " one column, can show in specific in the date that wants inquiry, the detailed information such as the registering name that marriage registers, full name, Id date. New people will deal with when registering, through network platform input marriage registers information, computer makes certificate form automatically, print marriage automatically to register certificate. Below normal circumstance, marriage registers a few minutes achievable.

The data is registered prevent baleful bigamy

Be in chief introduction according to marriage of citizen political situation, build marriage to register information management system, can put an end to bigamous phenomenon thoroughly inside whole town limits. Current, whole town types systematic data to basically be the registering information after 2003. When party registers a branch to marriage, submit pertinent information get online, computer can show its marital status reachs the record that register automatically, automatic repulsion repeats the message of the input. Accordingly, always had dealt with in this city after 2003 marry the person that register, be absolutely impossible to produce bigamous phenomenon. Meanwhile, each area county also is in the data data of interior of ceaseless and perfect computer, prevent the happening of baleful and bigamous phenomenon.
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