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Beijing holds false testimony to register marry will be detained

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This city marriage of each area county ascends orgnaization general and seat police station to build false papers to handle a mechanism jointly, the person that be suspected of using false certificate will be detained. Li Ziwei of controller of registry office of marriage of bureau of Beijing civil administration expressed yesterday, 2007, marriage ascend mechanism to check 36 cases in all " cheat marriage " case, 386 use false papers to deal with marriage to register a case.

"Cheat marriage person " the female is in the majority

"According to our investigation, this kind of case that this city produces has apparent female to violate the tendency. " Li Ziwei says, last year, marriage ascend mechanism to check 36 cases in all " cheat marriage " case, many cheating marriage person all be for many times bilk, use the other side to think conjugal characteristic, embezzle or fictional and false information, the other side of identity document deceit deals with use holiday marry register. "After these people marry short criterion that day, long criterion 3 months, acquire each other with all sorts of reason be missing after big property. " according to introducing, discover in Beijing in cheating marriage case, majority is the person that maintain the provincial town registered permanent residence of false papers and Beijing dweller intermarriage, and the party of the card that hold a holiday is a female more, have apparent female to violate the tendency; The fool is the big man with more difficult look for a partner in marriage more, center at Beijing suburb. And, both sides often arrives from acquaintance marry time is not long, do not exceed 3 months commonly, the woman perhaps agrees actively to marry with the man, and the man did not have been to woman home.

The card that hold a holiday marries detain 10 people

"Cheat marriage person it is to use marriage to register the current situation that does not have couplet net with census register essentially, borrow marry executive bilk behavior. " however, cheat marriage case to be in at present jural still put have blind spot. "Forms because of bilk marriage is for illegal marriage in adjudgement practice nonexistent demur, but this kinds of marriage is pressed cancel marriage is handled or can disable marital processing has difference. " firm analysis of Zhang Gaofeng's lawyer says sincere attorney office, our country marriage law set marriage disables and but cancel system. If be bigamous, the relative that prohibits marrying concerns, or because of what threatening marriage, the one party of party can register mechanism to marriage or courtyard of person civil code requests cancel this marriage. However, "Cheat marriage " both neither is belonged to disable to also be not belonged to but the case of cancel marriage, often make difficulty exists on the adjudgement that cheats marriage case. The reporter understands, since 2006, beijing detains use holiday certificate to deal with marital registrant in all more than 10 people, but because cheat marriage the person that be sentenced only 1 person.
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