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Card is taken to whether belong to common property after room marriage is being

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Miss Yang of Changzhou makes a telephone call, she just marries this year, before marrying, her husband's father and mother took 500 thousand yuan to buy a house to marry to them, and oneself parents spent 200 thousand yuan to be decorated to the house. But the house property card of the house arrives all the time after marrying, the closest talent does, but the name that has the man only. She feels very furious, her parents went so much money to decorate, that house does not have his name however. Accordingly she wants to know, whether does this house belong to husband and wife common property?

The concerned personage of Changzhou law group thinks, according to the relevant explanation of top people court about marriage law, before party marriage, parents purchases a building for both sides contributive, this are contributive ought to maintain the individual that is pair of her children donative, but the except that parents shows donative both sides clearly.

Accordingly, this house can calculate the man's personal property only. Although the woman gives money to decorate, house property card is obtained during marital relation puts add, but buy room contract because of man hold, according to the contract, the man has relative to the creditor's rights at house property developer, this creditor's rights belongs to the personal property before marriage. Give money to decorate in view of the woman, in case if will come when belongings is broken up, the man ought to have fair compensation to the woman on money or content.

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