On value of quiet day marriage certificate 10 thousand, celebrity marriage book

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Profit is not small 600 multivariate buy go up to get on 10 thousand yuan

The middle school teacher of Fuzhou Mr Zhang from on the century begins to collect marriage book since 70 time, come more than 30 years, had collected many 600 Cong Qingchao come between Guang Xunian " Culture Revolution " the book of past dynasties marriage during. Warm up as what in recent years marriage book collects, mr Zhang invests 60 thousand multivariate marriage book in all in those days, had appreciated now ten times. Mr Zhang tells a reporter, he collects the marriage book with the earliest, highest value to be clear Chao Guangxu 16 years " book of gift of an affectionate couple " , spent in market of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style at that time 600 multivariate those who buy, had appreciated to get on 10 thousand yuan now.

The amount is less Average person does not take marriage book to change money

Introduce according to Mr Zhang, marriage book is collected is a very hard work. Book of old times marriage, it is to use book of red paper Chinese ink mostly, save hard; The marriage book of period of the Republic of China, make elegant, some thin silk faces, hard this, hand draw, although have,save, but amount to is less, use for place of large family other people commonly, their descendants also won't send a person the marriage certificate of ancestors commonly or sell. Accordingly, at present the marriage book Tibet on Fuzhou antique market is tasted particularly exiguous. Driftage is an old person to die more to the marriage book on the market, unborn person does not understand among them collect value, handle marriage book when reject, antique market is bought from waste company again come.

Science is quite much Celebrity marriage book is costlier

"Having the marriage book that collects investment value contain feature of a times, must be distinctive marriage certificate. The marriage book of period of clear generation, the Republic of China appreciates potential is the greatest, collect difficulty at the same time bigger also. In addition, the marriage book of Culture Revolution time also has very much representative, political meaning is more outstanding. " Mr Zhang tells a reporter.

Investment marriage book is collected still answer effect of side overweight celebrity, mr Zhang takes out him inchoate the Republic of China that collect marriage book of 37 years, above because imprint,Chen Buyi of chief witness at a wedding ceremony appears special have historical value. According to introducing, chen Buyi is period of the Republic of China captain of a naval ship of boat politics school, because a lot of people are right,this paragraph of history is not to understand very much, book of this piece of marriage a few years ago is on antique market price just hundreds of yuan, and had appreciated nowadays to get on 1000 yuan.
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