Before marrying, check had checked, see marriage check of abroad

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Recently, whether to restore system of compulsive marriage check to become a popular topic. A year many before, our country is in " marriage registers regulation " instead of the checkup before compulsive marriage checks the lieutenant general of one's own accord, among them a main reason is esteem individual privacy. After arrange of this with one action is carried out, countrywide each district appears generally rate of the checkup before marriage steeps fall. Somebody is afraid, this meeting causes adverse effect to issueing the health of generation, ask to restore compulsive marriage check thereby. His hill stone, can attack jade, is foreign practice how?

Russia: Marriage check is freewill, but a lot of people do not know program law provides freewill marriage check

Russia constitution sets, all citizens enjoy Russia uphold health and the right that accept medical treatment service. According to this one tenet, made 1995 " code of Russian Federation family " made specific provision to the checkup before marriage: The first, the person that application marries enjoys the right that accepts free marriage check. He or she needs to open a piece of recommendation to census register branch only, can undertake free check-up to medical establishment. Of course, premise is he or her freewill check-up. The 2nd, check secret of eventuate medical treatment, only via be being checked of the person agree, ability can tell the result the other one party that the plan marries to it. The 3rd, if one party is concealed to another venereal or AIDS, court of latter request having right maintains marriage to disable. This law returns a regulation, person of even when thing is sufferred from to have dangerous contagion by fish, concerned branch also has no right to prevent its to undertake conjugal registering. Nevertheless, if one party of husband and wife conceals AIDS to infect each other, party will be found out criminal responsibility, highest can sentence 5 years of imprisonment. Marriage check system suffers desolate nevertheless, the marriage check system of Russia suffers cold shoulder all the time for years. A lot of people do not know to have this system even, they also do not have very strong marriage check sense. Division of Russian Federation total epidemic prevention abstruse Ni Xianke not long ago discloses, russia affects the grow in quantity of pregnant woman year after year of AIDS virus, among them a lot of people do not know him sicken, cause a new life infection AIDS virus. Lalisa says Russian medicine expert, the checkup before marriage did not gain ground, a lot of Russians do not understand the provision of free marriage check, also do not know particular program. She considers as " strength of governmental conduct propaganda is insufficient " . Russia is not little the expert has raised doubt to marriage check system. They think, although law is right,serious illness was concealed to make relevant castigatory provision before marriage, but the step that after the event takes can be not made up for party, unborn even suffer damage, their appeal explores more effective eclectic method. Graceful proposal of M.d. Ma Lai undertakes mandatory examination of the contagion before marriage, but sociologist Xie Er builds · Ji Shen to point out, russia is nonexistent execute mandatory the condition of marriage check, "Do not perfect because of the medical treatment system of Russia " . Additional, mandatory the basic right that marriage check violated a citizen on certain level. He suggests government and society should publicize healthy lifestyle to young energetically, the kind that carries award at the same time encourages people pre-marital check-ups.
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