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France: Marriage check is an obligation does not say to say obligation compulsively

France is done not have " mandatory the check-up before marriage " view, nevertheless the check-up before marriage is the obligation that the citizen must fulfil. "Compulsory " it may not be a bad idea, "Compulsive " , anyway this is the French is dealt with marry an indispensable measure in formalities. Nevertheless, "Compulsory " listen go up unlike " compulsive " make a person feel disgusted so. Marry to be being dealt with the French new personality of formalities says, go municipal government is registered marry, must offer examination date not to antedate the date that register of two months " the health before marriage proves " , do not have a law to become the husband and wife that law approbates otherwise. Freedom of place of clear, examination chooses pre-marital check-ups project, examination result is completely confidential, check the regulation that charge is sure according to individual medical treatment, much can submit an expense account. For the French that marries to most preparation, they see a doctor in which clinic usually, look for which doctor to do the check-up before marriage. Dr Bizayi of many years old 50 says, the doctor asks both sides shows up at the same time normally, tell two people the result at the same time, the doctor that bear the blame still can remind their note. Also some of person goes the government is special center of opened mother baby health care makes marriage check. Check-up proves very implicative France " the health before marriage proves " have one page paper only, specific language is set strictly by a law that passed 1992, the doctor wants affix one's seal, sign one's name only. Dr Bizayi says, nettle rash incidence of a disease is high, raise pet, raise a cat especially, catch arched bug likely, once pregnant woman is caught, fetal health is ensured hard. If the mother that blood type is Rh negative shoulds not with fetal blood type, can cause haemolysis sex disease of the child. These diseases are 50 years old of the following women need check project, if need, the female still needs to detect whether does blood carry the virus such as syphilis, AIDS. The diction major of healthy proof, " implicative " , it is to make doctor and new personality collective make clear the legal project of the check-up before marriage, to be checked at the same time healthy privacy of the person keeps secret strictly. Dr Bizayi says, only the doctor mixes the result of check-up to be known by scrutator, marriage registers a branch approve " the examination already was done " fact, unavailable concrete examination result, more the apiration that has no right to get married to new personality according to the result makes any adjudication. And the doctor is to fulfil obligation to check of new personality marriage, do not have additional gain to be able to pursue. Make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth of partial new personality says than Dr Za Yi, be in early French law must do checkup before formulary marriage 1942, but he points out at the same time, a lot of Frenches choose to live together for long now and do not marry, a lot of people are in long-term and collective life, after having the child even, just decide to deal with marry formalities, this one part " new personality " marriage check is right them themselves for it is make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth only. In fact, france the child dispute of 43 % is legitimate, the responsibility heart of the person that job of mother baby health care basically relies on sound medical treatment system, parenting and doctor.
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