Special and dotal incentive daughter continues to take advanced courses

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Ma Rong of teacher of high middle school of clever fierce city gets married, dotal not be washing machine, freezer, also not be computer, air conditioning, however an earnestly and tirelessly of tuition of 20 thousand yuan of reeducate and father is taught, be this kind is benefited the fortune drive of lifetime is worn the pace that she can never stop act vigorously to enter.

After terming begins on Feburary 25, ma Rong of teacher of Chinese of high middle school of clever fierce city busy rose, everyday besides prepare lessons late night, take out two hour study even. She tells a reporter, from now on, she should use all leisure time to prepare for war one's deceased father grind. Ma Rongzhi has so big resolution so, one when the parents when resulting from her to marry gives special dotal -- 20 thousand yuan of reeducate are tuitional. "This dotal lashing constantly I continue hard to learn, dare not have a bit laches. " the equestrian flourish classics that graduated from Ningxia university Department of Chinese Language and Literature 2006 takes an exam by employ of high middle school of clever fierce city. After having a job, ma Rong wants to be being taken the advantage of young continue to take advanced courses, in order to raise oneself education level, she took an examination of grinding idea to tell father and mother, parents supports very much. Last year in November, ma Rong and marital Li Xiao answer the call of clever fierce municipal Party committee, municipal government, attended wedding of 100 youths collective, father Ma Shaoming of Ma Rong serves as tuition of 20 thousand yuan of reeducate dotal accompany a daughter, and " state " in bank of this money existence, only the ability after the graduate student on Ma Rong take an examination ofing can be employed.

Ma Shaoming tells a reporter, ma Rong serves as the first marry child in the home, wedding was not held greatly do greatly, dotal not be the tradition such as washing machine, freezer " 3 big " , also accompany computer, air conditioning without someone else home so scene. There also is a place in equestrian flourish heart at the beginning lopsided, but Ma Shaoming tells Ma Rong, do not note those who weigh materially to enjoy only, taking the advantage of young, continuous study, contented oneself, just be truly important. Heard father's word, ma Rong knew parental fine to suffer from the intention eventually.

Without washing machine, young couple is washed with the hand, marry the salary that just lays with assemble after 3 months bought. Ma Rong gives grade of second year in high school lesson of Chinese of two class teaching, teaching job is very heavy, prepare lessons sometimes want a late night, the following day another go to the school early accompanying a student to be read early greatly. Nevertheless, ma Rong still squeezes a time to review everyday, the countrywide graduate student that prepares to enter next year unites an exam. Now, below the influence of the wife, marital Li Xiao of Ma Rong also joins the procession of study in the evening everyday.
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