Ring, of lasting love indicative

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The center of ring of PossessionChevali è Re of platinum of this count 18K encircles likewise OK and free roll.



Buddhist overcomes the marriage of elegant treasure to celebrate series to hold a part in the palm to have very delicate butterfly pattern in diamond bottom.


The marriage of series of MyHeart of the rank of nobility of a person of extraordinary powers celebrates ring modelling very distinctive, it is the heart form of indicative love, platinic material is qualitative, enchased the diamond of 4.95 carat.

Of ring additional kind of origin

In the west, ringed process results from reproduction adores, wear ring on finger to signify union. On wedding, for bridal ringed process, it is imitate actually when be close to chafe back and forth movement.

And the China in ancient time, ring is means of a kind of suggestion however. It is to be in palace at first, the female people that becomes an emperor " no-go " when, can wear ring of a gold on the hand, the drive that cannot accept an emperor with this suggestion is bestowed favor on.

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