The price achieves the history new tall, every gram goes up since Shenyang city

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The price achieves the history new rising price is market adjustment result

"Every overcome platinic gold since tomorrow want 70 yuan to go up. " yesterday, the reporter is visited in Shen Cheng when, salesman of shop of many platinic gold says.

As we have learned, after rising in price, platinic gold will achieve 568 yuan / gram, the price and go up all achieve the history new tall.

Platinic gold of newest progress Shenyang rises every to overcome today 568 yuan

These days, the customer that buys platinic gold to golden inn is very much, and differ apparently before. Yesterday, reporter

In inn of a gold, the price tag on bar shows, the present price of platinic gold Pt950 is 498 yuan / gram, salesman says, this price is the last day, since 25 days, platinic gold will go up move 70 yuan / gram, achieve 568 yuan / gram. "Actually early rose in price with respect to this, the other place has been this price several days ago. " salesman says.

The reporter visited shop of gold of Shenyang much home, salesman states since 25 days platinic gold will rise to 568 yuan / gram. As we have learned, on Feburary 15, price of Shenyang city platinic gold by 438 yuan / the gram goes up to 498 yuan / gram, in the time that is less than half month, move valence twice to let platinic gold go up unexpectedly substantially 130 yuan / gram, this makes many consumer surprised. "Why does platinic gold rise so fast ah? " one client indissolubles the ground asks shop assistant.

Rise in price price of reason international gold is climbed all the way litre

"Going up into valence, so we begin to raise price from tomorrow, do not go up as to other store, when to still go up, we are not clear. " chief of some gold inn says Shenyang yesterday.

According to introducing, after rising in price this, the price and go up all achieve the history new tall, platinic gold price has gone up 6 years continuously. Nevertheless, this also is to conform with international gold price, suffer the effect that acute of south Africa crop reduces, international gold price is climbed all the way litre, shenyang has inn of many 20 gold to sell platinic gold at present, these platinic gold are most from Shanghai wholesale and come, every overcome trade price of Shanghai's current platinic gold raw material to had gone up 500 multivariate, that batch of money that inn of Shenyang majority gold takes before rise in price, had sold basically, rising in price this so is to get used to the market made shift goes up.

The personage expresses related association of headgear of Shenyang gold jewelry, henceforth, association will not participate in the adjustment of golden price, everything is adjusted by each gold inn according to vicissitude of the market. As to why each gold inn will rise in price at 25 days, association is not clear.

Think platinic gold is unfavorable inside course of study invest

Nevertheless, although platinic gold price is bullish, rare sex also surpasses gold, but the reporter understands in interview, use those who buy platinic gold investment very few however, most person buys platinic gold is to adorn.
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