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Bridal how does abrupt break an agreement do the emcee of come to an agreement or understanding that day? Is bridal kinescope not complete how claim for compensation? Henceforth, such problem will have standard contract to have a standard. Yesterday, province marriage celebrates association to divulge, by Sichuan province marriage celebrates an association, department that visits industrial and commercial bureau to be made jointly " Sichuan province marriage celebrates service contract (demonstrative text) " release formally already.

   Contract cent piece serve each clearly

As we have learned, save mutual marriage to celebrate service orgnaization completely at present 400 many, among them Chengdu has 160 or so. As a result of previously marriage celebrate an industry to do not have contract model, each companies are the contract that him design prints. Release this " marriage celebrate service contract " the biggest characteristic, changed the general agreement of past formula type namely, cent piece makes clear each classified service, serve time of the compensation that the agreement is late to marriage car in detail even, compere arrives accurately minute, even CD or other brand of quarter collection intermediary and model.

   Equality is more advantageous to both sides

"The contract is right bilateral duty the right had more meticulous differentiate, before each draft a contract to often be on a lot of detail oneself not speak in detail, what be in an unfavorable situation to moment still is new personality. " celebrate company controller to express according to some marriage, do not have normal treaty wording before, new personality always is pair of marriage the contract distrust that celebrates a company to make, ever also had appeared the circumstance of ask a price of new personality all over the sky, a such formal contracts will be more favorable to both sides.

   Resonant regulation cannot think of in detail

Citizen Mr Zhang and Miss He plan managed a wedding this year in April, celebrated atelier to be signed by demonstrative text with one marriage a few days ago marriage celebrate service contract. Miss He thinks, this formal contract is very detailed, be in especially compensatory scale respect, "Service of a few our unused need not agree. The service of need, have in my thinkable contract reflect, have a lot of even we did not think of. Have a lot of even we did not think of..

   Dimension authority occurrence accident but claim for compensation

"Signed such contract, if wedding showed an accident when sunrise, can undertake through legal approach claim for compensation and thought for the time being. " province marriage celebrates guild minister Liu Xiaobin to express, this " contract " not be mandatory contract, at present association can ask member unit must use this contract only, if inside 1 year be complained 4 times continuously, will undertake report and cancelling member qualification to its.
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