Europe " woman courtship day " Xiang Nan friend proposes

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Be in Europe, yesterday can be traditional " woman courtship day " , the woman can seize the opportunity to propose to the man. Show inaugural Yu Haishu company of a foreign tradeMiss Xu, the Cengliu two years ago learns England, she plans to proposed to male friend yesterday.

Miss Xu says, she and male friend are acquainted when England studies abroad, feeling is stable, preparation married May, it is male friend appears only oversight proposing ceremony. Be in England, feburary 29 is " woman courtship day " , she and male friend cross the grand occasion that the girl proposed to the male that day with respect to Ceng Jian. "This day rejects a femaleThe man of admirer, need serves as with 1 pound symbolistic ' atone for is free ' , perhaps send with dress of silks and satins ' sad woman ' , but there should not be pound and silks and satins beside my male friend now. " Miss Xu says mischievously. The colleague beside Miss Xu also is support very to her this one decision, think such courtship the ceremony is very romantic very special, prepared candy of a red lip to be cheered for her for her each.

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