4 days Ningxia wedding vehicles deliberately block the plate regulation 370

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Starting from February 5, Ningxia opened a period of 1 month's wedding of concentration and control of special operations vehicles deliberately block the plate, just 4 days, the whole unity of action at all levels of the traffic control department, investigate and wedding vehicles deliberately block the plate 370 , wedding convoy through a red light 42, the motor vehicle not required to install 119 license plate, altered, defaced number plate 334, the Wupaiwuzheng 48 cases.

Recently, some parts of the wedding car deliberately obscured license plate, and the phenomenon of long lines through a red light, and some vehicles to avoid detection, license plate posted in the tape, VCD disc or forged license plates, seriously disrupting traffic order. Autonomous Authority to pay from 5 February onwards, the concentration of the region to carry out a one-month special action. Yinchuan, Shizuishan, Guyuan, Zhongwei city traffic police in-depth wedding companies, florists, wedding cars block the license plate promotion remediation work, the driver via SMS Reminder. Law enforcement around the traffic police on duty, adhere to the publicity and education first, Yinchuan City, the vehicle blocking the number plate of the wedding to take pictures or video traffic offense the way fixed-evidence, take photographs or video to identify themselves when stained by the parties, block site. Shizuishan, Guyuan, Zhongwei City, the traffic control department for the alter, deface, block the plate can not restore the original state, police on duty certificates issued compulsory administrative measures and the "re-collection of motor vehicle license plate replacement to be Rush", on-site collection plate, this Driver Vehicle Administration within 3 days to re-replacement.

In the special action of concentration and control, only 5 February day, the region to investigate the vehicle deliberately obscured wedding plate 161, motor vehicle license plate is not installed according to the provisions of 19 cases, altered, defaced plate 34 cases, no unlicensed Certificate 38. The morning of February 7, Guyuan City traffic police detachment launched activities focused on the destruction false false licenses, total destruction of seized confiscated 280 fake cards and 126 fake documents. By focusing on training, the region on February 7th wedding wedding car fleet has been no recurrence of deliberately blocking traffic violations plate.

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