Red bomb struck fried red wedding industry

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Fall season, has always been the harvest season, especially the new people also like a wedding this season, one to symbolize the fruits of love; two to climate, to coincide with holiday greetings in person to facilitate the parties to friends and family. November this year, they encountered a rare case of Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, the holiday together fragmented as much as half a month, gave birth to an unprecedented peak of marriage, we received the hands of the "red bomb" more and more natural Although everyone's pockets flat, but the wedding industry, but businessmen are busy enjoying themselves. Industry boom means more competition, how to stand out, win more customers, as businesses need to solve the problem. In this case, businesses should in the near future to enhance corporate visibility, and expand the scope of corporate propaganda to identify more potential customers. JY1987 wedding studio was founded less than two years, by a husband and wife after 80 hard start from, because after the age of 80 who know the preferences and the pursuit, the studio has always pursued emotion, content, fresh, fashionable style, came to new studio are all satisfied with their service, and afterwards will be recommended to the side of classmates and friends, but this source is limited, after all, you want to continue the operation of a long studio, it is necessary to intensify propaganda . In early 2010, Li began to head to promote the network studio, chose the 58 city, "a fold", a fold of 58 pages are the most dominant position to promote, and classified by industry and geographic precision. To promote the first day, Mike's phone busy studio up, just one week before receiving the book is just to catch up to a month. Li said to the reporters, this effect is his historical no time, and had just thought now to most people of marriageable age is 80, they like to get information on the network, so select network marketing, but enjoying the cool shade 58 have such a huge potential customer base, the cost of such a low turnover of exchange is followed, it is important their JY1987 red signs have been up in the local. 58 city official also told this reporter that in more than 58, also Li Hung up this wedding studio, flower shop, car rentals, pictures are done in full swing, the business investment of 58 received a low considerable profits income, but also improve the company's brand value. Although some people will complain about succession of the "red bomb" to quickly shrink their own pockets, but firms'd enjoy it, because the more the red bombs, which means the more people who do the wedding, the more their business nature booming.
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