One hundred pairs of new lines Danjia Tin Wedding

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Then the bride, do not car how to use fishing boats? Yesterday, the Sha Tin Water Danjia large group wedding, Pak Plaza, Sha Tin Dragon Boat couples gathered to experience the traditional water Dan wedding, receiving the blessing of the people in Sha Tin. Shatian Committee Chan Chi-ming, secretary, mayor Zhonghao Tao and relevant department heads scene witnessed this moment of happiness, blessing the people new life together. Into a new three-man the new Wando As the fishermen living ashore, including the traditional wedding customs, including Dan is slowly disappearing. Yesterday, at a large water Danjia Shatian mass wedding event, 100 couples in the town at the beautiful Lake South Central the unique Mass wedding and died more than 20 years to reproduce the Sha Tin Danjia civil wedding. This reporter has learned, the collective wedding ceremony in Sha Tin released "recruitment order" after just half a month's time, a total of 100 couples enrolled, more than 80 pairs before the scheduled quota, then adjust the plan sponsor. In 100 couples, including 30 on the new Wando, of which 8 percent for tertiary education, the highest academic qualifications for graduate students. Home Wedding Dan Panorama show According to reports, children Shall Danjia very interesting wedding engagement. If the man had affection for the woman, they express their love through song to the woman; if the woman also interested in the man the next morning, they put in their own poop Plate of flowers respond to the table tokens of love. Since then, the groom to bring two bottles of wine matchmaker, some fruit and red packets to send female family gift set, obtained the woman's birthday horoscopes. If the fall does not occur within one week of bowl, break things and other mold Things, both men and women engaged to be a success. Sha Tin Water Danjia large mass wedding, to do so by the above procedure is divided into "sight-seeing wedding," "antiphonal singing," "Weeping," "wedding", "concentric with the tree planting" and five sections (units) . Wedding closely Around the "original" theme elements to start, panoramic reproduce the whole process of Danjia Marriage. Site to send blessings golden couple Reporter saw in the collective wedding, the groom rode a 18 sight-seeing boat square to greet the bride, to be fishing boats reached the shore, can not wait to hold the bride's hand, before jogging to the public to accept everyone's blessing. It is worth mentioning that, the organizers specially arranged for 6 on the golden couple came to the scene, they wear festive costume, on-site to the new experiences teach people to love each other so that they know how to understand each other and to send new people A lifetime of happiness and blessings. Wedding the last link, the new leadership of people to Shatian Sincerely, jujube tea, and in concentric concentric forest tree planting on, blessing the people sit in the boats, enjoy the beautiful South Lake, heading for happiness.
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