Civil marriage customs change is inevitable

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Recently, the Bristol in the United States to study from home "ayi985" in Bristol made a net post, "Marriage Customs Xiantao change is inevitable", causing many users resonance and local government concerns. "Ayi985" said: Nowadays, popular wedding peach hanging vinegar bottles, coated with painted face, father daughter back, her mother wear a dunce cap, Sunzhao one after another. Elderly people paraded through the streets to be pulled out, uncle, aunt and brothers and sisters also takes monensin-free, chase chase, hide the hide; pair of new people, hanging around his neck, "adulterer", "whore" in letters of signs, streets ; some people play the flags turned out to be "× House prostitution pro team"; more, but also stripped the groom's shirt, a woman forced to wear a bra ... ... his best exaggerated spoof of conflict. He said that marriage is a marriage is to count the detailed, line of gravity, the new rural construction should be rural civilization, marriage customs bear the brunt of reform. Bristol City department yesterday said it will vigorously promote civilized marriage and guide the people change their ideas and bad habits as soon as the marriage of local history and papers thrown into the heap.
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