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October 10, 2010 of the "perfect marriage" couples married in another trigger orgasm. In "Naked Wedding Family", the emphasis on rational consumption "Amoy marriage family" began to appear in the horizon in the. The so-called "Amoy marriage family" means the purchase by Taobao wedding supplies, get marriage is young people. October 11 to 24, on the potential Taobao launched the "no bullying, we get married" wedding season activities, main activities, diamonds, wedding rings and wedding and other wedding supplies, goods worth a total of 300 million yuan. October 15, 100 from high-quality brand Taobao Zuoka Yi carat loose diamonds, will cost Taobao together buy gorgeous open platform group, become part of the wedding season Taobao most eye-catching activities. Taobao recently released the "2009-2010 China's online shopping wedding supplies report" shows that China's net purchases from the hot search keywords view wedding supplies, wedding into a daily search for the highest keywords. The dress, wedding shoes, evening wear and other related searches account for four TOP10 hot search keywords.
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