The perfect wedding site layout his secrets

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Want to create a great wedding, of course, a good wedding layout ideas. Here we offer wedding site layout for everyone the perfect secret, wedding arrangement in teaching skills at the same time, also arranged for your wedding the best Secret creative programs. Wedding site layout of the stairs Staircase is the gateway to access the most romantic wedding, walking on the stairs, both down from the high, or from below, often give people a very strange feeling. Both sides of the very unique layout, it is easy to give into them a sense of exposure. Many large wedding site layout, will have a very unique staircase, may wish to use these stairs, arranged for their wedding dotting the sum added. Reference Scenario 1, coupled with a warm light purple slightly curved staircase beside the little flowers, just like is a road to happiness. Reference Scenario 2, light purple tulle, with one feature of the flower, leading the guests into your carefully created set. Lily Wedding Community Tips: Pick out your favorite wedding photos, enlarge the body placed in the mouth floor, in addition to envy you both are "perfect match" natural one outside, it is important to remind guests not to the wrong place. Wedding site layout of the welcome area Welcome to bring guests the wedding district is the first impression, we must not let the guests into the wedding venue, will be able to feel the atmosphere of the wedding. A set of neatly arranged flowers made of columns, like a very, very disciplined soldiers and guests salute, and give people the feeling of splendid Tang Huang. Welcome Area wedding site layout not only a unity of style, there are other highlights of the new CD. The flower wedding flower arrangement, whether glass, rattan, and basin-shaped, spherical, cylindrical, from stately elegance of large floral, fresh and rustic charm to the floral pieces, with different site conditions, can achieve different visual effects. Reference Scenario 1, the channel is not wide and not narrow, with around full of flowers, giving a very lively feel. Reference Scenario 2, the golden arches call the shots-colored half-moon shape, flowers are used as decorations, too simple to non-noble. Lily Wedding Community Tips: Even if the wedding venues have been very characteristic of the entrance, or decorate it with flowers and balloons, so as to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding. Wedding ceremony site layout of the area Wedding ceremony site layout area is the most important area is the focus of attention. May wish to take advantage of the main wedding flower petals, so that they scattered in flower arrangement, the ceremony sets, etc., romantic index immediately soared. Two tricks will let you use floral wedding floral interesting: one is similar but with a colorful flower to do with floral materials, while another method is not a uniform color to match the flower-shaped floral . Both methods can receive unexpected good results. Reference Scenario 1, the testimony of the ceremony venue can choose outdoor lawn, garden, or the wedding's main stage. Can enjoy the outdoors in the sun, floral decorations can be as much as possible the color pink, lively and jumping. Reference Scenario 2, the layout of the room for the wedding scene, the cool colors or contrasting colors of the floral decorations can be a good blend of indoor ambient lighting, while in the performance of elegance with a visual appeal. Lily Wedding Community Tips: With flowers to decorate your wedding cake, the cake can be more elegant and refined, and the wedding seamless. In addition, the welcome card, reception table, and guide channel so every little detail can not ignore the role of flower arrangement. Wedding site layout of the table In the wedding scene layout, the table is and guests access to the most intimate area, so the table's floral aptly contrast to the atmosphere. Wedding banquet hall decorated according to the height adjustment, the banquet table for the number of the size of the table is to be included within the scope of consideration. Know in advance what the hotel can provide the table linen and chair cover colors, floral colors accordingly very important decision. Do not think the wedding with flowers with effect proportional to the amount, in fact, does not need to spend a lot of floral shape too much flowers, skillful with a number of vines, stars, or foliage plants, but more a sense of visual hierarchy. Reference Scenario 1, the center of the table, add some beautiful ornamental feathers, soft colors you can choose elegant white or ivory; brightly colored feathers, the most emphasis on color theme for the wedding. Or choose some colorful feathers, tied with ribbons in the following guests name written on the card, so that you can when the seat card. Reference Scenario 2, the seating cards in the fruit stem system, or do the pieces of fruit, and then placed in the Vice-plate center. This fresh seating cards to apply to white, ivory and green colors of spring, summer wedding. Meaning "peace" of the Apple easy to do. Lily Wedding Community Tips: In addition to the main flower napkin for each guest with the same floral embellishment wear a flower or leaf, the required cost much, but it makes the event seem more refined, guests will be impressed by the details for such.
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