Bride wedding company was forced to temporarily replace the master of ceremoni

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Ten nine silver gold wedding market is the peak season, according to the current wedding market orders, the next two months will usher in Tianjin, 20,000 pairs of couples get married. Many couples said that the quality of the wedding, wedding services, and so is their greatest concern Topic. Hotline, the newlyweds Lo and Xu reflects their experience in preparation for the wedding when the wedding upgrade spending willed wedding car, wedding master of ceremonies temporary "switching" and other wedding consumer trap. Lo in the city Book a studio set is priced at 4,999 yuan, Department of the wedding, taking pictures that day suffered a makeup artist asked Lo has upgraded cosmetics, jewelry, costume wedding dress proposal to upgrade the face of the studio staff "can not upgrade Yes, but can not guarantee that shooting, "the rhetoric, Ms. Lo had to pay to upgrade. Wedding day, Lo, and Mr. Du also suffered a change, and master of ceremonies wedding car business. "Audi was originally scheduled to be red and gold master of ceremonies team, the company said the results of gold wedding day wedding master of ceremonies and some Audi owners have Do not delay in time, you can replace the fleet of other brands, and Also master of ceremonies presided over. Replacement of non-gold not only master of ceremonies master of ceremonies, the host of the style is very vulgar, very embarrassing wedding. "Lo said angrily. Xuxian Health said that as the negligence of the signing of the contract, not in the contract on the wedding car brand, the level of master of ceremonies, such as breach of contract penalties to be imposed to make it clear that had to eat Yaba Kui. City Wedding Association said the couple planning a wedding should be entrusted to the formal wedding companies, wedding and wedding contract must be signed with the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Municipal Association of wedding services industry to develop a unified, uniform implementation of the city Line "Tianjin wedding service contract." Involving not only wedding service contract, project, location, cost, both breach of contract, dispute resolution, entry into force of the contract, etc., provided on the wedding Wedding car, the host, makeup artist, cameraman, photographer and also a detailed site layout conventions, new and formal wedding companies must assume responsibility in accordance with the contract and obligations, and also protected by the arbitration department. With , The new master of ceremonies in the choice of the wedding, the look at the other side there is no qualification certificates. Who has the qualification certificate, a copy of the real names and identity card associations have the record in the wedding in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests.
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