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Hong Kong Nai gem

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Nai jewelry company mission:

Nai the efficient management mechanism that gem draws lessons from American gem operation, the content with resume China brand-new industry sheds channel mode; The product of diversity distributings, the product that dimensions turns is stereo fixed position, cover jewelry product line, purchase cost through uniting system of effective purchase and sale to drop a product, from more this getting on cost of bring down sale and content spread cost. The product style train of thought that diversity develops, more go out from the inscription rubbing in a person of same business. Promote ethical culture, lead diamond tide, confluence applies elite of elder sister video, what offer can contented individual to savour pursuit for exalted client is high grade act the role of article.

Hold now " member of honoured guest of company of photography of gauze of contemporary and classical marriage gets stuck " buy in inn18KGolden act the role ofing is tastedCan enjoy7FoldMember privilege, buyDiamond enchases headgearCan enjoy6FoldMember privilege.

Address: Edifice of king of Liuzhou city land

Phone: 13707723508 2880033

Note: Gem of the banner in holding (Nai gem) member card or sale bill are consumed in company of photography of gauze of contemporary and classical marriage but coequal enjoy member privilege treatment. (not plan integral)

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