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Clique of 07 autumn winters is opposite delicate fashionable modelling

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In September 2007 Beijing, regard Pan Ting as ambassador of brand whole world, hairstyle originality is patristic Sam McKnight head visit China, brought trend of newest and fashionable hairstyle. Be the same as modelling division Wang Peiyi of young stylist of Chen Man of Li Dongtian, cameraman and China comprises group of Chinese top class originality to work jointly, be in " delicate fashionable " below the theme, present 07 autumn winters - trends of 08 Chun Xia modelling, those who be Sam head to visit China to pull open individual fashion romance is prelusive. In the meantime, in Great Master inspiration open falls, group of Chinese modelling originality is common agitate, release Pan Ting 07 - 08 cliques are right modelling. The data offers: Pan Ting

Romantic woman (Retro Revamp) -- [affection defect Paris] fashionable border is met like fashionable of flavour of nostalgic and elegant woman

The woman is like an artwork, hand in when grace restoring ancient ways and contemporary fashionable collect, can produce an overwhelm attractive glamour. Autumn 2007, the hairstyle that will light the excessive like full-bodied Paris to confuse romance afresh is fashionable. Red lip, sootiness makeup, heavy full figure hangs down naturally loose the curl that come loose, the female coruscate of day letting a winter confuses person lasting appeal. This is having dense " romantic woman (Retro Revamp) " the curl modelling of the style, left of curl of sex of 40 time mark inflexible with massiness, more natural rhythm, brighter lustre simple sense, enchanting only beautiful, elegance is grave. This hairstyle suits the romantic tryst with elegant main perhaps cocktail party, the hair of billow of bright Ze Bo that natural pine coils curls, make a woman moving glamour is endless send out.

Style Key Words: Burnish of • of big wave of • restoring ancient ways feels

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