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2008 in south area (Hunan) marriage celebrate the Cultural Festival

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Wedding of the 3rd whole nation chairs person contest, it is the activity of sex of large society commonweal that celebrates industry committee to sponsor by marriage of association of work of China of ministry of national civil administration. Sex of authority of contest be in harmony, professional, knowledge, interest sex, amusement is an organic whole, contest norms tall, window face of much, influence wide, reliability is strong. In the meantime, also be countrywide marriage celebrates person, bridal compere two years a god-given top class grand meeting.

Marriage of association of classics China work celebrates industry committee special authorization, by Changsha Gong La can exhibit concoctive celebration limited company to be in charge of an organization in the round (Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan) in south the propagandist promotion of competion area and match job. Contest the corresponding period rolls out relevant series activity:

1.2008 in south area (Hunan) marriage celebrate the Cultural Festival

2.2008 in south area (Hunan) marriage celebrate exposition

3.In contest of bridal compere of the 3rd 2008 whole nations south competion area trials

4.Hunan of 2008 China · division of troops of marriage of first oriental cherry 208 pairs of collective are bridal

5.2008 in south area (Hunan) marriage celebrate the Cultural Festival " Hunan " collective of × of companion lifetime × is bridal

6.2008 Hunan marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival " love is in peach blossom source " fashionable theme wedding is released beautiful
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