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2008 China - Chengdu marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival on March 21, 23 d

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2008, marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee, Chengdu to be able to exhibit tourism group to hit out once more, together Chengdu medium group, strong make " marriage of Chengdu of 2008 China · celebrates the Cultural Festival " , the grand opera that spends a red-letter day as Benciwen -- marriage of the 2nd Sichuan celebrates exposition and Chengdu (spring) good news marriage is exhibited, will on March 21, 2008, 23 days in Chengdu (Sha Wan) the international exhibition center is held.

The consummation that rich of the first marriage meets inheritance, current marriage rich can continue to hold to make high-end marriage exhibit platform, lead fashionable marriage to celebrate fashion, share marriage the service concept that celebrates industrial regale, main praise highly " lifetime marriage, one station is done calm " extend meeting theme. Activity of the corresponding period, wonderful confused is shown.

Most the marriage of In tide message is released, the most extensive media travels, the most preeminent professional organization group... all these is a target only -- make China western marriage celebrate the first grand meeting, share marriage celebrate an industry gluttonous regale.

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