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Bridal section and happiness of accurate new people make an appointment 3.8-9

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Annual marriage ceremony will be performed again in Shen Chenglong again. This second marriage ceremony is by Shanghai ad limited company sponsors Ruikeli, " the masses " magazine assist do, will in March 8, 9 days are held in Pudong exhibition.
At the appointed time, gem of bring into contact with of will organic meeting, hotel, dining-room, marriage celebrates each accurate new personality, photography of gauze of marriage gauze formal attire, marriage and new life marry the numerous businessman of 7 large trades, implementation " marry " one continuous line serves.
The spot more retained the characteristic activity with bridal consistent section, be like: The show of wonderful marriage gauze that Gui Youmei of leading authority of design of gauze of marriage of practical and bridal preparatory lecture, international brings
New personality can be in 2, in March print " the masses " bridal section entrance ticket can be taken in the magazine, can dial bill of free all alone of 400-6706-010 of hot line of all alone ticket more.
Mobile time:

On March 8 (Saturday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
On March 9 (weekday) 10: 00 ~ 16: 30

Mobile place: Shanghai Pudong exhibition (silk tree road 201)
(the subway walks 8 minutes below station of house of science and technology of 2 lines Shanghai, 936, 794, 983, 815, 640, channel line of 4 lines, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty)

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