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The 7th Chengdu protects benefit stone to resemble lake travel part: Taking marr

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"Wear snow-white marriage gauze, the head wears beautiful garland, pulling the sweetheart's hand, step Guo Qingqing meadow, cross immense forest, accompany a bee hover of vocal, butterfly, still have tulip of millions individual plant... " love Sichuan travel net to learn from Shi Xianghu most, chengdu of the 7th China - the Shi Xianghu that protect interest (tulip) travel section with " taking marriage gauze to travel " for fashionable theme, will in March the middle ten days of a month pulls open heavy curtain.

As we have learned, dimensions of tulip travel section is royal, amorous feelings of millions individual plant the Holand tulip of each different, will blossom to go up in Shi Xianghu's gentle slope. New introduced a batch of novel variety such as London, Christmas, amazed, chrysoberyl, unconscious graceful Li Sha. The plant measure of German flower-de-luce and Icelandic corn poppy and area also increase greatly. These " beautiful girl " people social status does not poor, guo Haicai bleaching ocean will to stone resemble lake scene area, let a tourist can appreciate the glamour of amorous feelings of European different region beside. A variety of 60 kinds of of new plant of this scene division tulip will blossom in one after another of medium in March, the last ten-day of a month, till in April. Most what open first is early blossoming rare breed " send one's respects to " , bright red and huge flower enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, sending one's respects to Shi Xianghu's spring. Back-to-back, "Bai Meng " , " pink impress " ... bloom in the round, salute the advent of royal festival.

Of the tulip travel part that stone holds like calendar year of lake scene area hold let scene area become western ground of the most romantic marriage gauze exterior, have left vague impression of infinite evil spirit in scene area to new personality by tens of thousands, current travel section will with " taking marriage gauze to travel " reach new personality to prepare big big meal for broad tourist for fashionable theme.

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