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Central Plains marriage celebrates industrial exposition to kicked off on March

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Spring March, spring scenery is beautiful. Today, sponsor by our newspaper " marriage of Central Plains of · of 2008 great river celebrates industrial exposition " will saving people hall square to go up to kick off formally. By a definite date of this second grand meeting 3 days, it is Henan province first marriage rich grand meeting, aim to be built for new personality " one-stop " shopping platform, let new personality be the time with many leave out of buy marriage things and money.

According to introducing, on grand meeting of this second marriage rich, ginseng exhibited a businessman to involve marriage each industries that celebrate industrial chain to go up, wedding feast of candy of feast of banquet of building of shadow of gauze of marriage gauze formal attire, marriage, marriage, happy event, household is decorated etc, they express to will take out the biggest favourable range to pass on new personality. Besides, the organizing committee planned a series of window activities meticulously still. For instance the marriage gauze on the opening ceremony goes beautiful, let everybody arrive after period of the Republic of China, Culture Revolution period, reforming and opening is appreciated in half hour the course of changes of present marriage gauze formal attire, and marriage celebrate consuetudinary change; Still marriage rich can go up " love is in 2008 " large commonweal dates activity, by community of Zhengzhou city railroad " 7 colour bridge " commonweal marriage service center is made meticulously, help unmarried friend find love; If new personality feels bridal chamber decorates difficulty heavily, still can arrive marriage rich listens on the meeting " dragon sends adornment " free home holds a chair, for new personality the quantity makes new residence wait personally.

Marriage rich is met on, wonderful confused is shown, the surprise is ceaseless, if you are the newlywed person that prepared to marry 2008, must not miss this grand ceremony.

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