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The network is bridal sadly arisen, new personality is for the most part 80 hind

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Imagine, the friend's wedding is too busy to be attended personally, can pass on the net " network bridal chamber " attend directly, also be a kind of blessing. Yesterday afternoon, taipei trailing plants inferior combine 16 relevant and allied businessmen, a romance was held to come in intercontinental hotel extremely thematic wedding is elegant. Present marriage celebrates industry expert, still introduced to everybody " network bridal chamber " , " the Olympic Games is bridal " wait for bridal new form.

80 hind love network is bridal

On Wednesday towards evening, the buffet that after coming off work, goes attending a good friend to be full of multicoloured to lawn is bridal, look at good friend and newly-married wife hand to hold Fu Wa in both hands, in the Olympic Games the mark of 5 annulus issues oath lifelong, if do not have time really, the network bridal chamber that also can pass a good friend watchs bridal living broadcast; Wear short " athletic marriage gauze " , the hand holds Fu Wa in both hands, in the Olympic Games the mark of 5 annulus issues oath lifelong... such " network bridal chamber " and " the Olympic Games is bridal " , perhaps can become a kind of fashion this year.

Taipei trailing plants inferior marry Liu Ting of square general manager introduces, the newlywed person that selects network wedding and Olympic Games wedding at present is for the most part 80 hind.

Daily marriage very substantial

Expert analysis, as the golden week cancel stage by stage, holiday marriage consumes exceeding trend will abate, the amount that daily marriage consumes grow in quantity.

Liu Ting calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, from candied smoke wine, marriage clever photography arrives headgear formal attire, the choice comes in Zhou Yi Zhou Wu or it is evening holds wedding, can enjoy 7 to the 8 privilege that lose, if a pair of new personality choose 20 thousand yuan service, can save below 4000 yuan - 6000 yuan.

City marriage celebrates guild chairman Wu Bin to also forecast to the reporter: "Meeting emerge in large numbers gives to marry this year height, we had calculated, it is bridal compere merely, put in the breach of above of at least 500 people. " the reporter learns, current, already much home marriage celebrates a company to prepare to advocate new personality to set wedding in Zhou Yi to Zhou Wu, prepared a variety of privilege.

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