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Tide of Spring Festival marriage offends igneous marriage to celebrate economy

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Dispatch of network of peaceful sea news marries is life important matter. Conjugal Miss Wu prepares before the Spring Festival this year, last year October oneself of important matter of this one life make preparations authority gave marriage celebrate a company. She says, wedding is festival, hold do very trival however, illuminate besides gauze of feast, marriage can book ahead of schedule, outside filming, holding a bridal day that, of the bride on makeup, of CD of the choice of the adornment of festooned vehicle, emcee, souvenir make... want with respect to the head big, still be carte blanche marriage celebrates company save trouble. As we have learned, give oneself wedding now marriage celebrate a company to make preparations, had become 80 hind generation singleton chooses femaly.

The plan tells a reporter in 6 marry Mr Chen gentlemen at the beginning of good year, marrying is life after all one of things of 3 great rejoicing, some more floriferous money nevers mind, want wedding to do festivally only lively good. Miss Wu serves as the 80 delegates after with Mr Chen, they are taught goodly mostly, pay attention to the feeling of ego heart and individual character consumption quite, the demand that consumes to wedding wants individuation, diversification namely. In consumption ability respect also has huge advantage, this part new personality is used at conjugal consumption to be in on average 100 thousand yuan of above. Demand has supply, face this big cake, numerous businessman wants to share a cup of a thick soup. Since last year, so-called marriage celebrates the alleged atelier that serves one continuous line, company to begin to appear on ave lane, with marriage the marriage that celebrates photography of gauze of service, marriage, bridal things, marriage to celebrate a product to be a delegate celebrates industry emerge as the times require.

Just like the photography, Li Shi teach that a marriage celebrates a company to serve now formerly to begin osculatory marriage to celebrate from 6 years 199, become at that time the part-time job does a cameraman a spare and bridal compere. He says to need to carry a word on the back only in those days, introductory bridegroom bride, take a picture of what, every wedding also is 1000 people one side of course, machine-made. And need to have a lot of professional knowledge now, if field arranges service, figure design service,wait. My county is had at present marriage the talent that celebrates professional knowledge is not very much, many people are to resemble him of such become a monk late in life, belong to the irregular troops that rise grows in fumbling ceaselessly. Wait for big city in Beijing, Shanghai actually, bridal plan division this one brand-new profession has been born. Bridal plan division will be right each link of bridal process offer reasonable proposal and program, undertake bridal spot is supervised etc, make sure its are complete of the process perfect. He what value this group line of business, preparing to go to Beijing learning, take an examination of a wedding to engineer the card of division to come back, the marriage that does a specific duty celebrates service personnel, have the cause of this one sweetness after all.
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