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Marriage celebrate enter depreciate season, new Hangzhou person marries now most

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After the Spring Festival passes, hangzhou each house price of big public house all appears of distinct range drop posture. Among them, of hotel of SamSung class above depreciate range is the biggest, fold in 4-5 mostly between; In the meantime, usually annual also appears without price of room of diatomic economy hotel, chain hotel of certain level reduce.

According to carrying branch of Hangzhou of Cheng journey net relevant controller introduces, with compare during the Spring Festival, many hotels enter Hangzhou the price falls generally in 30% the left and right sides, be like Hangzhou between standard of hotel of class of some 4 stars, inside Spring Festival golden week entering the price is 748 yuan of one night, now is 428 yuan, it is only 57% original.

   Fall after part of hotel room price 3 into

The heavy snow before getting a red-letter day is affected, this year of Hangzhou hotel enter lead and enrage as scene of in former years, no matter be hotel of fast star class or small bit class, enter rate all did not get assuring, glide than in former years many. And in price respect, meet the section needs the situation that go up also did not appear before, the photograph before the house price of hotel of small bit class and economy hotel follows a red-letter day changes than all be being done not have, have public house of class of partial fast star only (4 stars above) moved on the price 10% the left and right sides.

After the Spring Festival passes, hangzhou each house price of big public house continues low. Reporter from each big public house books a website to see, hangzhou mostly the hotel of SamSung class above all appears considerably discount, book valence to be folded for the 4-5 of retail sales price mostly, between the mark that if Hangzhou harbour big public house marks a price,is 460 yuan, valence was booked to want 208 yuan only on the net on Feburary 17.

And make the chain public house that break all along, house price also appears after the section of certain level reduce, like day of Hangzhou short for Zhejiang Province fast the big bed room of 8 hotels from 168 yuan fell every everyday 158 yuan, and the big bed room of hotel of happy Lai chain criterion from everyday every fall 168 yuan it is 148 yuan. Like the home hill of quick hotel desolate opens benefit road store depreciate range is bigger, big bed room fell every from 189 yuan everyday 149 yuan.

The personage inside course of study is forecasted, did not come to two weeks, price of room of each big public house goes Hangzhou low circumstance still will continue. To March weather of the middle ten days of a month turns when warming, each house price of big public house also will " get warm again after a cold spell " .

   Convivial and marriage celebrate the price to also be in low

Of Hangzhou hotel net pay a young lady to say, of price of room of the hotel after the section go low, it is each contention passenger source is between big public house " dark battle " , give finally numerous the tourist of the go on a journey after liking a part brings material benefit.
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