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Marriage of festival of lanterns celebrates market emersion " small height "

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The Lincoln of snow-white color is luxurious on lengthen car, plunged into annulus of 5 Olympic Gameses with red rose, plus have 5 " Fu Wa " ornament, having a unique style... the festival of lanterns is forthcoming, the marriage that in former years is in low ebb celebrates the market lively rise, be engaged the new personality in an endless stream of the car, the reporter understands from the on Shanghai a few big companies that rent this morning, the marriage car this year is decorated lifted " Olympic Games wind " , many new personality requirements mix Olympic Games design " Fu Wa " do go up in marriage car, gift the meaning with new wedding.
   Cancel to grow a holiday to avoid " gather together "

This year during the Spring Festival, although weather compares chill, do not block new people however the heart with yearning new fervent life. An investigation that comes from authoritative branch shows, although the Spring Festival marries to did not resemble " 51 " and " 11 " hot in that way, but the new personality that new year's day, Spring Festival marries this year still is than last year the corresponding period rises somewhat, choose of many new person selected are in " the Valentine's Day " and " the festival of lanterns " marry, appeared to marry after the Spring Festival consequently " small height " .

"Cancelled this year ' 51 ' long holiday, right marriage celebrate the market and do not have too big impact. " marriage celebrate guild secretary-general He Lina to tell a reporter, arrived March climate is delightful May, it is the peak period of new personality marriage, predicting extreme height may appear March. Still many new personality schedule wedding day May double cease day, this pair of marriage are celebrated is instead for the industry good, be engaged banquet, ask emcee, be engaged the car can avoid " gather together " phenomenon, marriage celebrate service quality to also can rise somewhat.
   The bridal car that take flourishing is rented

Bridal hot area flourishing the car rents the market. "Around of festival of lanterns, what marriage car demand greeted Spring Festival hind is new round of small height, increased 20 % compared to the same period, those who achieve calendar year to come is new tall. " according to the masses branch that rent pottery director introduces, a lengthen preside over a wedding ceremony the car adds 7 to run quickly again with the car, one day hires valence about 10 thousand the left and right sides, this is now Shen Chengxin compares popularity in person wedding " luxurious configuration " . Some fashionable white-collars still close hire car of a luxurious marriage to regard as marry gift sends newlywed person, "MBA classmate marries, we a few people close hire a Lincoln when gift, take commemoration day to new personality. " Mr Li that ordering a car says.

As we have learned, to satisfy new personality requirement, the motorcade of ceremony of masses rose marriage that does not hold water already increased 600 from 300 original, only car number turned over one times, added many new car newly, drive by driver of fast star class entirely, still rolled out Mom of car of marriage of Olympic Games rose, pa special vehicle and honeymoon are driven oneself swim the characteristic such as the formula serves, become an Olympic Games year the vogue of new personality angle, also get of new personality parents chase after hold in both hands.
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