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Marry busy season comes, platinic gold gets sales volume of Buddhist monastic di

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Although the capital is platinic last week,golden retail price is in 5 days in, every gram goes up greatly 120 yuan, but coming marriage busy season, make diamond of platinic last week gold right however during Buddhist monastic discipline and platinic gold enchase the sale of headgear to compare the Valentine's Day, still rose 45% .

Yesterday afternoon, reporter in dish the marriage of 100 bazaar celebrates pair of discovery before bar of Buddhist monastic discipline, a few enchase elegant, design to plunge drop novelly, the price did not rise.

Vise general manager expresses the Zhou Xiangrui of national China bazaar, at present the platinic gold in bazaar plunges drop, it is the kinds or types of goods before rising in price this mostly, do not have the influence that is risen in price by platinic gold accordingly.

Zhou Xiangrui introduces, enter March, marry busy season is forthcoming, the youth that a lot of preparation marry, also was certain before platinic gold gets the opportunity that Buddhist monastic discipline did not rise in price temporarily, will buy. Only platinic gold of national China bazaar is enchased adorn taste the sale last week, during comparing the Valentine's Day, increased 45% .

Salesman calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, in case of ring of a platinic gold weighs 3.5 grams, overcome 558 yuan of consideration with every, add up to 1953 yuan, rise with every gram 120 yuan of computation, rise in price around differs 420 yuan. If plan to buy platinic gold to Buddhist monastic discipline, possible meeting pays nearly 1000 yuan more. And platinic gold plunges drop is to press sell, the price basically is decided because of diamond level size, sexual price is accordingly higher.

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