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Olympic Games year marry upsurge is ecbolic new business chance of marriage gauz

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As Beijing Olympic Games drew near every day 2008, compatriots also grows day and day to the enthusiasm of the Olympic Games, lots and lots of the Chinese was produced in the Olympic Games year, even Olympic Games opening day (on August 8, 2008 3 8 that day) marry, the happy event of the happy event the country and individual is united in wedlock faultlessly, the passion that lets an Olympic Games and bridal romance hand in photograph reflect. According to forecasting, the newlywed person that Beijing and Harbin will have more than 120 thousand pairs this year writtens guarantee

According to civil administration ministry relevant data shows, china has 10 million pairs of new personality every year to be fond of knot happy match about, newly-married crowd is willing of a saving 31% use at mixing marriage celebrate concerned consumption, with was 2005 exemple only town new personality amounts to 418.3 billion yuan of RMBs in the consumption on wedding. And according to not complete count, the respect is consumed in newly-married, and the newlywed person that has about 90 % is willing to cost its whole marriage celebrates defray estimated about 15% with will film marriage gauze is illuminated. And charge of every pairs of Shanghai new personality marriage exceed 120 thousand yuan on average, if be calculated roughly with this, 2008, the bride of more than 100 thousand Olympic Gameses of Shanghai is used at the charge that marriage gauze photographs to will be close to 200 million yuan, new personality plunges into those who pushed the chain-reacting that marries to be brought from this to create market of marriage gauze formal attire to last hot. Industry of photography of Chinese marriage gauze already made one of industries that have perspective now most, and competition and good luck are in together in marriage in celebrating consumption, marriage gauze photography is marriage one of window that celebrate economy.

Regard photography of 2008 marriage gauze as the first thirteenth that exhibit exhibition of equipment of photography of gauze of marriage of international of Chinese · Shanghai will appear on store of Shanghai world trade since Feburary 25 (start justice journey 99) exhibit a center with Shanghai international (start justice journey 77) . Global enterprise of gauze of about 400 famous marriage will be all-around inside the limits of nearly 40 thousand square metre reveal cover industry of marriage gauze photography and fluctuation to swim the product of relevant industry catenary and service, include casing of marriage gauze, formal attire, album, photograph, colour makeup, adorn article, marriage celebrate things, setting, later period to make, strong imprint colour enlarge, theme photographs, children photographs, shadow building grooms and network of marriage gauze photography and publication. Current marriage gauze is exhibited upsurge will be lifted one round in Olympic Games bride, the tide that will continue to reveal world marriage gauze to photograph, fashionable product and advanced equipment, reach the collaboration between relevant industry, communication and commerce to build platform for building of gauze of marriage of China and foreign countries, shadow.
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